What is Hegemonie?

Hegemonie is a game engine building civ-like 4X Grand-Strategy online game instances. Users manage in-game characters, each character controls City-States on region maps. Each region instance is animated by a game master in charge of the narrative frame of the campaign.

Hegemonie is a Game Engine

Hegemonie aims to provide easy tools to reliably host role-play games. The engine is an empty shell that allows a simple yet expressive configuration. Test heroic fantansy content is also offered at least for testability purposes. Eventually, my ideal is to recreate Hegemonie IV with the new game engine.

Running Civ-Like 4X Grand Strategy Games

In a game instance managed by Hegemonie, a logged user manages his/her in-game characters. One character is owner of the City-State, and an optional second character may be designed as an administrator. Both are in charge of the development of the City-State and its relationships with the rest of the instance.

Each city-state is characterized by stockpiles of raw resources, a knowledge tree, a set of buildings and a pool of units. The progression in the knowledge tree is driven by allow/forbid constraints among the skills. An owned skill may open the door to buildings, and each building may open to the recruitment of a new kind of Unit. Both skills and buildings have an effect on the City-State. Several key factor also have a latent but permanent impact of the development of a City-state. They describe the alignment, the neutrality, a pantheon and a faction.

A game instance, in an Hegemonie system, is called a Region. It has a map that is well known and chosen at the instantiation of the region. That's why Hegemonie's instance may not be called "4X", because there is no "eXploration".

Libre And Open Source

We want to avoid any friction in the process of adopting the game engine. Gaming is about pleasure, and you should feel no annoyance. So the choice of a very liberal open source license MPLv2 allows you a complete reversibility of your game instance, from a provider to another. Also, there couldn't be any legal concerns, the game engine is free to use even for commercial purposes.

We Are Open!

The game engine isn't ready to rock yet. We are a small team, time is a scarce resource so the pace of the evolution is slow. Most importantly, we are open to external contributions as well as incorporating new members in the team. If you feel an interest in our initiative, feel free to ping us!