Enhanced GM Experience

Hegemonie I to VII was great...

I'll repeat it forever: the original Hegemonie was awesome thanks to the alchemy between its players and its game masters. On one hand, you had high expectations from passionate players. They expected a rich environment, an unpredictable story and a tailor made animation. On the other hand, a small team of game masters made their possible to meet these expectations. It was a success.

... But it Eventually Failed

It was a success, but it was neither easy nor a sustainable effort. And that's the reason of the failure. The whole population started as students with plenty of idle time, and they eventually turned into young active workers. The reality then exploded: the system wasn't designed to scale. The GM tried to keep the bar high, but they *all* burnt out.

Too much attention has to be paid by each GM to its empire. Literally everything was done via instant messaging. It has a noble trait because this was pure role-play, manipulation and storytelling. Even the action of each GM on his/her world was hardly more than just this. The reporting was lacking on the real activity of each empire "under the hood". No quest was automated, barely a minimalistic yet smart "altar" (i.e. an HTML form) that served all the quests and reacted to obscure incantations (i.e. input).

Therew were bugs that have been heavily exploited before anyone noticed, suspicions of favoritism of some GM toward a subset of players, technical breaches exploited by players to grant amounts of resources. Many odd behaviors that could be avoided with some autmation and clear reporting.

Moar Reporting!

Moar Automation!