A Lonely Journey

It's F*cking Time-Consuming

Writing Hegemonie is time-consuming as hell, but it's no surprise. That's the first expected consequence of my job experience. Writing good code takes time and the path is not always straight forward. Another consequence is that I know the time I have. The resultant is clear, it will take a while to achieve even a MVP if I do it alone.

Hegemonie Is A Personal Project

I've been tempted to have other people joining the effort. I approached people I like to work with, like colleagues and friends. I tried to invite or convince them to join the effort. It was always kind, I tried to action a lever that seemed the most obvious for each person targeted. Result: 100% in vain, I was still alone.

Surprising? Completely not! The project might be as interesting as possible, it is just a side project. Hegemonie is at best destined to open to a little community of eager players, but it is not the first step of an ambitious business plan. So I should not expect to join for a long term financial interest.

Why would they join for another reason? Why would they join a project that didn't reach the state of an MVP? No one has any proof I would happily share the governance. Moreover, anyone has its bunch of side projects.

I Put The Cart Before The Horse

I've read a book is easy to read, whose ideas are crystal clear, and whose content is even actionable. In People Powered, Jono Bacon has put words on what I was experiencing.

I was expecting champions before the very start of any community around my project. This was a mirage, it couldn't happen. It's not that it isn't possible at all. But I do not carry a particular aura that make those communities raise by themselves.

Building such a community takes a lot of effort. In my case it requires several iterations around a playable game. Not just a game engine MVP, but an actual game with an actual interesting content.

Changes To The Roadmap

Paying salaries is not an option. So if I want to have people joining, I need to have them adhere. I need a product and I must start building a community around it. Building a product starts with an MVP, this is what I now focus. But it is a question of an MVP of the game, not the game engine. I will need the engine but also a playable content. And then, ASAP, propose an instance to a set of trusted early adopters.